Feb 10 2013

Living Life and Blogging It Too

My seemingly tireless wife who blogs at tiffanymalloy.com and playeatgrow.com on top of working full time and managing a home of nearly six is featuring  one of my projects on her blog with a link to here. If you followed that link to get here, you can see that we are not equally adept at living and blogging our lives.  I do have a number of projects that I would like to write up and share, but don’t hold your breath. Whereas I am able to simultaneously be a dragon, a doctor’s patient and a basketball player, I have yet to manage being a stay-at-home dad, a husband, and a tutor very well, let alone a blogger.

Thanks for checking in. If I start blog awesomeness, I’m sure Tiff will let you know, so you can just keep reading the great posts she, Christina, and MaryAnn churn out.

Jun 20 2012

Why I Make

I make because…

I can see the beginning and end

The problem is solvable

My field of study doesn’t even have clear questions, let alone answer

I can be productive

It eases the pain

It give me the illusion of accomplishment

I can’t wrap my mind around the world

Part of my mind becomes external to me

When I make, the world is smaller, less scary, and I am forming it.

That is why I make.

Jan 20 2012

Apple in Education

The apple is continuously an icon for education (Malloy, forthcoming [jk]). Here is my quick pro/con list to this video about apple textbooks and ibook author.


1. the program looks and acts in attractive ways

2. it is a great digital step for textbooks (far better than scanned pages of traditional textbooks)

3. they are giving author free (which, I may try to use)


1. Classic publicity hype “tech as cure to schooling problems” oversell rhetoric. Easily could have changed the name of the item and had the same claims for over a hundred years.

2. Most importantly to me, the most this innovation will do make the traditional form of schooling a bit better. It fully ignores any constructivist (or critical) notion of learning. Notice it never mentioned students using author to make their own textbooks and the note-taking focuses on fact memory.

It follows the pattern of reform as bettering a given structure, which I think it could do well. It does not, in any way, challenge that structure or encourage students to do so, which is superficial reform and a shallow concept of education. This, like any technology, will not make huge changes in education.

That’s my take. Have I been fair?

Jan 4 2012

Masters Paper Draft 1.0

Here is my draft visualized (top 60 words) at 10,033 words.

thesis 60 of 10033

Dec 9 2011

Parking Spots & Cheap Clothes

In our Sunday morning Bible study class we were discussing Micah, the book, not the new guy. We got talking about corporations who seem to “plot evil on [their] beds” and the obnoxious complexity of our globalized community that makes justice challenging. What I mean by that is it is hard to tell where our money goes when we put it in a bank, whether items made overseas or locally improve or degrade the quality of life for the communities involved, etc.

For me, personally, it is overwhelming and nearly debilitating since it’s so far over my head, but here’s, I think, a starting point:

We have to radically reorient our thought processes. Though few of us stay up plotting evil, we do spend a lot of time figuring out how to do or get what is best for us.

My suggestion for a start: Don’t take the best parking spot. Even if you see closer spots, just park farther away. Think about the fact that getting an awesome spot is not actually any kind of victory. Scratch that. Consider it a victory that someone else will enjoy. And take some time to think about that other person.

And then it keeps going.

Soon you aren’t hunting for deals, so you can get more clothes for less money. You are thinking about the effects your clothes have on other people. It may even effect how you educate your children if you have them.

Justice in our hyper-connected day is difficult. But apparently it has been difficult for every generation.

Oct 28 2011


A conversation I just had with Asante:

Jake: Listening to your parents and obeying them is a way to show love and respect to them. How can parents show respect to their children?

Asante: You’ve got to let me have more responsibilities for myself

Jake: That’s insightful.

I love talking with my kids.

Sep 13 2011

Life Update

I don’t normally do “What I’m Doing” posts, but since I have hardly posted anything in so long, I wanted to remind myself that I have a blog.  For some much more enjoyable reading please check out tiffanymalloy.com

At this very minute I’m waiting for my fifth class to begin. I have a pretty exciting schedule.

Anthropology and Education

School and Society

History of American Education Reform

Statistics For Educational Research

Master’s Writing Seminar

Much like I felt at NEGST, I’m the reacher. My classmates are amazingly interesting people. I am pretty stoked to read most the books assigned and discuss with the professors and other students. Sometimes I wish I would have known how enjoyable studying could be before Grad school.

This has been an exciting week. After a slow month we are starting to meet people. We are still a long way from having friends, but it is starting.

Alright, back to the books.

Jun 26 2011

Tough as Nails

Here’s a picture of one of my latest projects. These were Fathers’ Day gifts for my dad and Tiffany’s dad.  


The nails were bent just with hands and pliers and hot glued together. I couldn’t get the soldering to stick to the nails, so it took multiple hot glue efforts instead.

May 21 2011

Galactus Tetractys


Goes the


Let’s celebrate

Tiffany has graduated, woo hoo.

May 13 2011

A Work in Progress

Ripped apart and left longing
Every meeting treasured
Convictions compounded newness
Our faith found deepening
Circumstances challenged confidence
We persevered as a partnership

Developing professional partnerships
The normal we were longing
Finally living as confidants
The daily life treasured
Work and play deepening
Planning for life’s newness

Every year adds newness
And redefining partnership
Our community deepening
A great sense of belonging
Our firstborn son treasured
Parenting not bathed in confidence

Test again our confidence
In the land of newness
Experiences treasured
Producing transnational partnership
Still there is a longing
Our family continues deepening

Web of knowledge deepening
Confidants speak in confidence
A struggling sense of belonging
Failure brings hopeful newness
Always a short-term partnership
Yet every opportunity treasured

Imaginations and inventions treasured
Value of settling deepening
Ever adding more partnerships
But still limited confidants
One more bundle of newness
Oh, for roots still longing

Maiden voyage of our partnership Yoked across forever confidants
We enter cetus’ water deepening Intensest in a dynamic newness
Fujita brings no place treasured Eden more fully we are longing.

May 8 2011

Mother’s Day Triolet

So much you have poured out for us,

Let your joy be the hope we own,

Our bridge to dreams built on your truss,

So much you have poured out for us,

We love you forever and thus,

Our gratitude always be known,

So much you have poured out for us,

Let your joy be the hope we own.

–For my trifecta mothers–

Mar 30 2011

Spontaneous Perseverance

Spontaneous Perseverance