Revisionist History: Clifford

I just don’t understand why really.  The dalmatian pictures come from a compilation produced much later. I can only imagine the Mr Bridwell (or his editors) began to feel it was more culturally appropriate to feature the stereotypical firehouse breed rather than the original dog who looks more related to Clifford. There are other small changes, which I don’t care much about, but did they think they could bewitch us with a whole different dog. I felt like I was watching 3 ninjas.

The first scans come from the 1984 Clifford’s Family. [click image to enlarge]

clifford_0003 clifford_0004 clifford_0005

The next are from the 2009 Clifford to the Rescue. Notice the exact frames.

clifford clifford_0001 clifford_0002

I imagine Henry could take this a notch further.

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