Life Update

I don’t normally do “What I’m Doing” posts, but since I have hardly posted anything in so long, I wanted to remind myself that I have a blog.  For some much more enjoyable reading please check out

At this very minute I’m waiting for my fifth class to begin. I have a pretty exciting schedule.

Anthropology and Education

School and Society

History of American Education Reform

Statistics For Educational Research

Master’s Writing Seminar

Much like I felt at NEGST, I’m the reacher. My classmates are amazingly interesting people. I am pretty stoked to read most the books assigned and discuss with the professors and other students. Sometimes I wish I would have known how enjoyable studying could be before Grad school.

This has been an exciting week. After a slow month we are starting to meet people. We are still a long way from having friends, but it is starting.

Alright, back to the books.

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